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Some Days A Pawn Music Selections Below

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Song Listing

01. Some Days A Pawn
02. Woodshed
03. Easy
04. Monkey Hill
05. I don't wanna go to work
06. Rent House
07. The one for me
08. Party Cool
09. This time I'm waiting
10. Remembering Jimmy

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"Hey Hunka Funk! Play Green Onions."

"Phantom of the Warehouse"

"Hey Goofball! The Cable only goes in one way! Donít force it."

"Some days a PAWN, Some days a KING."

"The monitors sound real good today Gilbert. Good Job. How are the wife and kids? Great."

Some Days A Pawn
New CD Release by Tommy Young

Tommy Young - Hammond B-3 Organ, Keyboards, Vocals

Denny Freeman - Guitar

Chaz Marie - Vocals, Fancy Chick Singer

Kenny Wright - Drums

Dave Tapley - Vocals #7

Michael J. - Vocals #4

Jamie Bassett - Harp

Pete Miller - Bass

Linda Waring - Drums #8, 10

Tommy Nash - Guitar #8, 10

Chuck Rainey - Bass #9

Colonel Willie Smith - Guitar #9

"Rockin" Ronnie Thompson - Drums #9

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All rights reserved.