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Keeper of the "B" Music Selections Below

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Song Listing

01. Top It Off
02. So What?
03. Love Can't Hurt Me Anymore
04. Back Track
05. Cissy Strut
06. Kirby Girl
07. Melancholy Serenade
08. Slush Fund
09. Mezzaleen
10. Toad Licka
11. Keeper Of The 'B'
12. G-Walker
13. Warranty Exchange
14. Chuck's Groove
15. Mota Gata

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"Hey Hunka Funk! Play Green Onions."

"Phantom of the Warehouse"

"Hey Goofball! The Cable only goes in one way! Donít force it."

"Some days a PAWN, Some days a KING."

"The monitors sound real good today Gilbert. Good Job. How are the wife and kids? Great."

Keeper of the "B"
New CD Release by Tommy Young

No one knows where it comes from . No one knows where it goes. It's that etherical music that comes out of an old wooden wonder box with rotors and spinning horns. Organists everywhere never realized that thcy would have to drag along a girl named "Leslie" wherever they went.

Check her belts and give her new tubes every now and then. Don't beat her up. Take care of her and just cover the old girl in Minwax to hide the scratches. She looks and sounds gorgeous to me. And oh yeah, you have to take her girlfriend "B" with you too! She's a little bit bigger on top but she has nice legs. Usually you have to put her up on dollies to move her around. She's been to Mardi Gras just once too often. These two always have a good time wherever they go. They're Worth The Tote!


"Melancholy Serenade" "Tribute To The Great One" Jackie Gleason's Theme Song


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